couverture, sur Amazon 

couverture, sur Amazon

Quietly drifting through the stardust,
celestial spotlights.       

Shattering my wings,the steel blade of a knife

How many times has it been killed,then reborn?
My immortal soul…

Again I play free of any rules.
I rely only on myself.

The flames,the flames…

And that is all I know.
There is no other roll I seek.

Today I am simply a player.
There is nothing that I regret.

Quietly drifting through the stardust,celestial spotlights.
Opening Theme, Origa with Heartsdales, Music Yoko Kanno

Une voix à découvrir, Origa, chanteuse russe et star des dessins animés japonais, en particulier la série Ghost In The Shell – Stand Alone Complex (Solid State Society & 2nd Gig).

couverture, sur Amazon
Ghost In The Shell – Stand Alone Complex – Solid State Society


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